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About Us

After working for years for various different cleaning companies, Matt decided to use his impeccable standards and vast experience to set up his own cleaning business. Starting in 2020, after the pandemic, SeriousLee Clean was created. A short while later Matt's partner Ria joined the business and the pair began to find ways to maintain their high standards whilst becoming an eco friendly company.


Why name the company SeriousLee Clean? 

SeriousLee Clean is a family company and we wanted our name to reflect that. Our surname is Lee and we love our puns so it was an easy choice for us to make!

Why go eco friendly? 

Why not! We try and be as environmentally conscious in our day to day lives as possible and our cleaning at home reflects that. It has meant we are always trying new and inventive ways to clean at a high standard in our own home, then adding it to our business.

What makes you eco friendly?

As well as using eco friendly products, we try to avoid using tools and cloths made with plastics that can't be recycled. We try to be conscious of energy and water usage, using only what we need. We also try to group nearby jobs together to reduce excessive vehicle usage.

Can you use my products?

Of Course! If you'd prefer us to use your products/equipment just let us know and we'll be happy to oblige, otherwise we will our own.


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